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Did You Know I Would Miss You? The Transformational Journey of the Suicide Survivor

Donaleen Saul, who lost her brother, Steve, to suicide in 2004, has just released a powerful and practical book for people facing a similar loss and for professionals who care for them.

In Did You Know I Would Miss You? The Transformational Journey of the Suicide Survivor, Donaleen not only compellingly and honestly tells her story and that of her brother whose life journey ended so tragically, but also reveals her path to healing.

Through journal entries, imaginal conversations, unsent letters, and spiritual explorations, Donaleen illuminates the deep sorrow, confusion, and regret experienced by those who have suffered this terrible loss. She shines light on the many dimensions of this tough passage and offers clear, considered, and tender suggestions to help readers find their way through the lonely “dark wood” of grief and death.

Did You Know I Would Miss You? is a profoundly helpful resource and a fascinating record of the significant soul journey Donaleen has undergone. Her journey along a very personal road of trials blesses the reader with understanding, transformation and renewal.