I offer the journal writing workshop, “From Heart to Hand” to individuals and organizations helping people cope with grief and loss.

  • Bereavement groups
  • Hospice
  • Therapists
  • Family service groups
  • Church organizations
  • Victim service groups
  • Funeral homes
  • First Responders
  • Military families

This workshop varies in length, depending on the needs and resources of the group – from a two-hour evening presentation, to a one-day workshop, to a series of ten classes.

Participants will practice writing exercises that serve the process of healing and reconciliation, they will discover inner strength and resources they didn’t know they had, and they will explore journal-writing techniques that can open the door to a more joyful and expansive life.


“Recently, Donaleen facilitated a creative writing workshop at Valley View Funeral Home in Surrey, titled ‘From Heart to Hand.’ All of the women who attended were survivors of loss of a loved one to either suicide or homicide…I was amazed at how much more they were able to express as Donaleen led them in the different exercises to assist them in developing their creative writing and journaling skills… I would be very happy to host Donaleen in another workshop like this, I have seen firsthand the value that this creativeness can bring to those who are grieving.” – Marlyn Ferguson, Arborcare Coordinator


A graduate of the Center for Journal Therapy and a long-time instructor at Langara College Continuing Studies in Vancouver, Donaleen has created several journal-writing, memoir-writing, and creative-writing classes including Writing Your Autobiography, Scribing the Spiritual Journey, The Writes of Spring, From Heart to Hand, Write a Wild Horse, and Write into The Belly of the Whale.

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