“In this brave and necessary work, Donaleen Saul stares straight into the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. Equal parts memoir and self-help journal guidebook, the story is compelling and the writing prompts are sensitive and artful, gently guiding the reader/writer through the layers and complexities of this very particular grief. For all the broken-hearted who ask themselves the unanswerable questions, Did You Know I Would Miss You? brims with compassion, wisdom, hope and eventual healing.” – Kathleen Adams, Director, Center for Journal Therapy, Author, The Way of the Journal and Journal to the Self

“Donaleen Saul’s searingly honest account of her search for meaning after her brother’s suicide leads the reader from the depths of despair to the heights of wonder. If you have lost someone dear to suicide, or by some other means, you will want to return to this guide again and again.” – Cathy Sosnowsky,, BC Director of The Compassionate Friends, Author, Snapshots: A Story of Love, Loss and Life

“Donaleen Saul has hit the nail on the head when it comes to the process of grief and grieving, and the issues associated with all the corollary feelings such as anger and shame. She has created a synthesis of healing, using her own personal journey. Her description of the process is easy to read. She models trust to the nth degree.” – Liam McEnery, Former Executive Director Canadian Mental Health Association (Victoria Branch)

“Having walked with many people who have suffered when someone close has died by suicide, I found Did You Know I Would Miss You? to be a safe haven for reflection and conversation, and a practical guide for healing at one’s own pace. Using her own story, Donaleen offers images, questions, and activities to help readers unravel their own story of transformation.” – Angela Zawadzki, MA MFT

“As I cope with the suicide of my son two decades ago, and having just read the Introduction and first two chapters, I had to write to Donaleen this afternoon about the impact her book is having on me. I so admire her skill in weaving together her grief, her journal practices, and her brother’s life into a helpful guidebook for the comfort of others suffering the loss by suicide of someone they love.” – Helen Slemons, PhD, Certified Journal to the Self Instructor, Sun City, Arizona

“One of the things I was aware of as I read Donaleen’s book is how safe I felt reading it. She grounded me as a reader in her own story, her own feelings, the honest “voice” that reflects on many things… (It) is a still point that enabled me as a reader to confront the starkness of what she is writing about.” – Ray McGinnis, Author of Writing the Sacred: A Psalm-Inspired Path to Appreciating and Writing Sacred Poetry

“In reading Did You Know I Would Miss You? I was struck by the clarity of prose and the richness of content regarding how to work through this time of devastation following loss of a beloved… Just reading Donaleen Saul’s book is an incredible way of connecting at a soul and emotional and wonderfully human level with all those who take these journeys of profound love.” – Pamela McGarry, poet and novelist, Gibsons, BC

“Donaleen Saul’s book, Did You Know I Would Miss You? is such a work of heartbreaking beauty, yet with the deep honor it gives to her brother, there is something that transcends any evaluation. Love is the closest I can come to naming that something. I admire her careful consideration of the reader, which is tangible throughout.” – John Fox, Author of Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-making and Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making

Did You Know I Would Miss You is a superbly written account of a personal confrontation with the effects of suicide, as well as a helpful guide for all who, personally or professionally, are moved to understand, cope with, or intervene and help those who have struggled with this profound dilemma. And throughout, the author acknowledges and honours the many differing beliefs, traditions, and means of coping and expressing grief and mourning from which we may draw comfort and hope… Even beyond the tragedy of suicide, and its aftermath, this book may help us come closer to each other, re-story our lives, and our world.” – Marshall Veal, M.A. RCC, Psychotherapist

“Donaleen reaches deeply into her personal journey in order to bring readers much needed comfort and understanding around the subject of suicide. With care and graceful phrasing, Donaleen poses the questions and provides the answers that many have asked and will ask about this tender subject. This book is highly recommended for those whose lives have been touched by suicide.” – Dee Willock,  Author, Falling Into Easy: Help For Those Who Can’t Meditate

“Losing a loved one to suicide plunges you into a depth of soul that few others share, and Donaleen Saul wrote her book, Did You Know I Would Miss You? from that place. Indeed, when I was reading Did You Know I Would Miss You? I knew I was treading on Holy Ground.” – Donald Grayston, Author, Thomas Merton and the Noon-Day Demon

“Donaleen’s book is an essential, invaluable addition to our counselling practice libraries and a powerful and profound tool to support our clients’ healing.” – Tessa Lloyd, RCC, Victoria, BC, From a review of the first edition in Insights BCCA, Summer 2009