Symbolizing endless questions after suicide, A lone tree silhouetted against the dusk

Endless Questions

After losing someone to suicide, the questions seem endless. In this blog, I will be exploring them one at a time.

Suicide Prevention for Suicide Survivors

Today being World Suicide Prevention Day, I am reaching out to those who’ve been bereaved by suicide. As someone whose brother took his life in 2004, I understand all too well why people who have lost beloveds to suicide are at risk of following in their footsteps. As I describe in my book – Did […]

If a Loved One is (sometimes) suicidal…

Fifteen years ago, I lost my younger brother, Steve, to suicide. In the early months and years that followed, I often felt badly that I didn’t do enough to prevent his death. Thanks to counselling, and writing a book about his death and the aftermath (Did You Know I Would Miss You? – The Transformational […]

Is it true that suicide rates spike in the new year?

Unfortunately, yes. In the past, it was commonly believed that suicide rates spiked at Christmas, but studies reveal that they drop during the holidays and then peak for the first few weeks of the new year. Researchers surmise that, for those who are already struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, the Christmas promise of peace, […]